In the future I will break the marathon world record”

Eliud Kipchoge

Luthier, raw vegan and marathoner.

Harriet Kjaer

“Quim Magan, 42 years old

My arrival at the finish line of the Los Angeles ’84 Olympic games went around the world.”

Gabrielle Andersen-Schiess

42,195 is the result of the meeting with 41 runners from different social and cultural backgrounds.

photographic book with 41 interviews with marathon runners.

The first action of WERUNPROJECTA self-publishing initiative to dispense with conventional commercialization means and to allocate the maximum amount of resources to social actions. The  42,195 book can be purchased online through The Folio Club.


Werunproject aims to become a leading social movement that supports equality and social inclusion through sport.


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